Safety is a serious total-management effort.

When you hire the best people and work with the best subcontractors, you need to take care of them. Keeping everyone safe at the jobsite is a responsibility we take seriously. Through leadership, partnership, engineering, preventative maintenance, training, innovation, and employee motivation, accidents can be minimized if not entirely prevented.

M Natal trains all employees in proper conduct and adherence to our policies. Additionally, specific project sites require safety analysis and training for all workers. This includes safety orientation on all sites, a preconstruction safety meeting with site superintendent and monthly job safety meetings. Weekly job site meetings also include a “Toolbox” talk on a different safety topic.


  • Think Safety.
  • Accident prevention is everyone’s job. Any unsafe condition act should be reported immediately to a¬†supervisor. It is up to all of us to eliminate the conditions that could lead to an accident.
  • The cost of an effective safety program is significantly less than the direct and indirect cost of accidents.
  • Principles of management control commonly applied to cost, schedules, quality and productivity are equally¬†applicable to safety.